The Honored HIstory of Nursing Pins


Nursing pins have a long history that dates back to the pinning of the Maltese Cross on those who cared for patients with communicable diseases such as leprosy. The modern nursing pins have been around for decades, and while their designs have changed over the years, the message and symbolism remains the same. Nursing pins are traditionally pinned on graduating nursing students as a rite of passage, welcoming them to the profession. The badges are usually made of gold or silver and bare the emblem of the student's school as well as other symbols of the profession.

The symbolism of the nursing pin is usually chosen by the school, dependant on their own traditions and the history of the school itself. The symbol may include oil lamps, a torch, a religious symbol, the Maltese cross, or even the school’s own logo. No matter what the symbols included, though, the overall message of the pin remains the same: you are now a part of one of the most important professions in the world.

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